The Differences Between a Black Car Service and a Taxi Service

Posted By Aerocar January 5, 2018

Getting from the airport to your door is often your one and only thought after a flight. The hustle and bustle of the airport can be overwhelming, so you’ll usually want to get yourself and your bags away from the melee as quickly as possible. Choosing to go by car is the most direct option, […]

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The Perks of a Limo in Vancouver

Posted By Aerocar December 19, 2017

Limousine is the last word in luxury transportation. An iconic vehicle, the stretch limo is a truly eye-catching way to travel, from Vancouver to Hollywood and all around the world. This car is a classic way to get from A to B, combining exceptional service with comfort and style. If the only time you’ve seen […]

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What to Consider When You Rent a Limo in Vancouver

Posted By Aerocar November 9, 2017

Are you looking into renting a limo in Vancouver? In this article, we list a number of considerations worth bearing in mind, when you decide to hire a limo in Vancouver. How long will you need the limo? The first consideration when you rent a limo in Vancouver is how long you need to have […]

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Common Destinations for a Vancouver Airport Limo

Posted By Aerocar October 10, 2017

While you can take a Vancouver airport limo to any destination that you choose, there are a number of common areas that spring up time and again. Whether you are curious as to where Vancouver airport limos are often heading, or looking for inspiration on where to take your next limo ride, here are four […]

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Why a Limo Service in Vancouver Makes Sense

Posted By Aerocar September 13, 2017

If you have ever ridden in a limo before then you know why people hire them. These vehicles exude luxury and comfort and make a huge impression on the passenger. If you haven’t, you may not be aware of all of the benefits that a limo service in Vancouver can offer. At Aerocar Service we […]

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How To Handle VIP Airport Transportation in Vancouver

Posted By Aerocar September 6, 2017

Organizing transportation to and from the airport in Vancouver can be somewhat stressful, as there are so many variables that need to be considered for this journey. Traffic, public transit timetables, the availability of taxis, all present hurdles to your everyday commuter. And what happens when the person for whom you are organizing this airport […]

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The Top Three Reasons to Hire Airport Transfer Services

Posted By Aerocar August 14, 2017

Luxury airport transfer services are becoming increasingly popular. In Vancouver, and other world-class cities, these airport transfer services are seen as a great option for going to, or coming from, the airport. Read on for just some of the reasons to hire airport transfer services. Less Stress Having somebody pick up you, or your client, […]

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Four Reasons to Invest in a Luxury Airport Transfer in Vancouver

Posted By Aerocar July 29, 2017

Have you been researching the best ways to get to and from Vancouver airport? Have you considered choosing a luxury airport transfer to get you there? Opting for the luxury transfer route transforms what can often be a very stressful experience, making it a thoroughly enjoyable one instead. Here are four reasons why a luxury […]

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5 Ways an Airport Car Service Can Make Your Life Easier

Posted By Aerocar July 26, 2017

Are you looking for ways to make your journey to and from the airport less stressful? Here are five ways that an airport car service can make your life easier, starting with directions and route finding. Directions and route finding There is little doubt that getting to and from the airport can be more stressful […]

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4 Reasons to Take a Limo in Vancouver

Posted By Aerocar July 13, 2017

Are you planning a special occasion and are looking for something to make it extra special? Looking to splash out and surprise someone with an unforgettable event? If the answer to either of these statements is yes, a limo service might be the best option you are looking for. Here are four great reasons to […]

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