5 Reasons You Will Love Our Airport Car Service

5 Reasons You Will Love Our Airport Car Service

At Aerocar Service, we are Vancouver’s top provider of airportpick-ups, using top-of-the-range, luxury vehicles. If you haven’t tried our airport car service before, here are some of the top reasons as to why our current clients love it and why you will too!

The Vehicles

We have a fleet of amazing luxury vehicles at Aerocar Service. Depending on your needs, number of passengers, or preference, you can have your airport car service carried out in a Sedan, Limo, SUV, or passenger van. They are kept in immaculate condition and provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Drivers

We employ the best drivers at Aerocar Service. Our team are experts at handling luxury vehicles, but also have a friendly and professional manner. They will always be courteous and helpful with our clients, and can offer tips to those visiting the city, if they would like them. Our drivers will take the edge off traveling and do the hard work for you, as you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the Vancouver scenery.

The Convenience

Getting picked up or dropped off at Vancouver International Airport provides a huge amount of convenience. There are a lot of other elements that you need to concentrate when traveling, and having to find a parking spot at the airport, or trying to arrange a last minute cab, can be frustrating. After catching a flight, you are probably tired as well, and the idea of driving or having to get public transport can be even more exhausting.

The Price

Comparing the cost of Aerocar Service to a family of four each getting a ticket for an airport shuttle can be surprising. Our rates are actually very low, especially if there are a number of passengers. You will also be getting much better value for your money. The comfort you will find in a luxury vehicle airport car service simply cannot be rivaled by transit or a cab, so you really are getting your money’s worth.

The Schedule

At Aerocar service, there is no schedule. Compare that to transit or shuttles which run during limited hours. You can arrange for our airport car service to pick you up or drop you off at the airport at any time. You don’t need to stress if your flight takes off early or arrives late, as we will always be able to meet you. We will also take note of your flight number when you book us, so will be informed of delays and wait for you when you arrive.

To learn more information about the airport car service from Aerocar Service, have a look at our website. Here you can see our fleet and our rates, as well as the areas in Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland that we serve. We encourage you to get in touch and book our airport car service the next time you are getting a flight to or from YVR.