Common Destinations for a Vancouver Airport Limo

Common Destinations for a Vancouver Airport Limo

While you can take a Vancouver airport limo to any destination that you choose, there are a number of common areas that spring up time and again.

Whether you are curious as to where Vancouver airport limos are often heading, or looking for inspiration on where to take your next limo ride, here are four of the most common destinations.

Centre of the city

Without doubt, one of the most popular places to take a Vancouver airport limo is into the centre of the city. As this is the area where the majority ofthe top hotels and accommodation are found, this is a very common journey for a Vancouver airport limo to take.

In being picked up instantly, and promptly transported to your hotel room in style and luxury, it isn’t hard to see why people splash out on a Vancouver airport limo when first arriving into the city.


Another of the popular areas that a Vancouver airport limo will take their clients is to Gastown, which is a historic and vibrant area just north east of the downtown centre. With there being an array of top eateries, restaurants, and shops on offer, it is a popular area for tourists.

There are also a number of boutique hotels operating in the area, with a Vancouver airport limo helping to deliver the guests to the front door in style.

North Vancouver

For anyone who is staying in North Vancouver during their time in the city, taking a Vancouver airport limo to their destination is becoming a more common occurrence.

With there being more time consuming transport links getting to and around North Vancouver, taking alternative forms of transport is a regular event. Those opting for a Vancouver airport limo are treated to a pleasant drive through Stanley Park, where they will then have spectacular views from the Lions Gate Bridge, all within the comfort and luxury of a Vancouver airport limo.


With Richmond being in a close proximity to the airport, it is only natural that a Vancouver airport limo would take many of its clients to this area. As it is one of the most upcoming and diverse areas in Greater Vancouver, more people are visiting and staying in Richmond than ever before.

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