How to Make the Most Out of Your Town Car Rental

How to Make the Most Out of Your Town Car Rental

The opportunity to ride in a town car is always exciting. These luxurious vehicles are comfortable and spacious and look amazing from the outside. If you have a town car rental scheduled, follow our tips on how to make the most of this experience.

Meet and Greet

If you are getting a town car to pick you up from the airport, go for a meet and greet instead of a curbside pick up. Seeing your name written on a card when you get to arrivals will make you feel special and your driver will help carry your luggage out to the vehicle, so it is a practical option as well.

Take the Scenic Route

Vancouver is the perfect city for riding around in and looking out the window. Ask your driver to take the scenic route – although it is pretty hard to avoid the nice views in this city. One amazing drive involves going on the Sea to Sky Highway. Another is swinging out to Point Grey. Even driving through Vancouver’s Downtown area is amazing, as there are some incredible buildings in the area to admire. Sitting in a comfortable town car rental and taking it all in is a perfect way to spend an afternoon in Vancouver.

Photo Opportunity

Make sure to take some snaps in your town car rental. Having some shots in a luxury car is social media gold that is sure to garner lots of ‘likes’. Most of us don’t ride in a town car rental frequently, so documenting it to show your friends and family is an absolute must.

Relax and Enjoy It

Sometime your town car rental may be provided by your workplace. This often means that you are expected to work during the ride, and whether it is preparing for meetings, or making phone calls, it can be difficult to enjoy the experience. If possible, try to prepare for these ahead of your town car rental, so you can sit back, relax, and simply enjoy the ride.

Invite Some Friends

The only way a town car rental can be even more enjoyable than it already is, is if you have some company to enjoy it with you. If you can, invite some friends, family, or even a date along for the ride. This can be an extremely fun way to arrive at an event you are attending together, or to simply spend time with each other.