Our Fleet


Ride in one of our classy SUVs when you visit Vancouver. View our fleet below.

  • Cadillac Escalade

    The Cadillac Escalade SUV is a symbol of luxurious living and is best for travel in Vancouver with elegance and style. It comes in a sparkling black color and has all the luxury amenities equipped in it including comfortable seating, air conditioning, music system and much else.

    1-6 Passangers 4 Medium , 4 Large Bags

  • New Ford Expedition

    The New Ford Expedition offers the class of luxury packed with adventurous lifestyle and is highly preferred for high end living travel transfers in Vancouver. It has all the necessary features of an SUV you will love to get served with.

    1-6 Passangers 4 Medium , 4 Large Bags

  • GMC Suburban

    The new GMC Suburban is equipped with comfortable seating for around nine passengers. It comes with power windows and mirrors to facilitate the client in adjusting the view. Its six speed automatic transmission denotes its strength and heavy duty feature.

    1-6 Passangers 4 Medium , 4 Large Bags