Flat Rates

Aerocar Service offers FLAT RATES from Vancouver International Airport where we are the exclusive black car sedan, SUV, limousine and Tesla provider.

We offer two levels of service at the airport:

  1. Curbside walk out service at YVR (exclusive to Aerocar Service) – Aerocar Service vehicles are located just outside of the arrivals level of both the Domestic and International Terminal building.  Once you have received your luggage, please follow the signs to the ground transportation area located conveniently outside of the building, where you will see our vehicles waiting curbside next to our Aerocar booth. There is no reservation required for this service.
  2. Meet and Greet Service – An Aerocar Service Greeter will personally greet you inside the airport for both domestic and international arrivals. Our 24/7/365 dispatch team track flight status and have your vehicle waiting even if there are delays in the scheduled arrival time of your flight. There is a $50 additional charge for our Meet and Greet Service. This guarantees you a vehicle and up to one hour wait time for domestic flights and one and a half hours wait time for international flights.

The flat rate from YVR to Downtown Vancouver based on our curbside service is as follows. The rates quoted do not include GST or Gratuity.

The rates below are based on our curbside service at YVR, with no reservation required. These are flat transfer rates, do not include taxes or gratuties and are subject to additional charges for extra stops or waiting time. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call our office for an exact quote, as zones are subject to change depending on set boundries. Aerocar Service has a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Aerocar Service 2019 Rate Card – Curbside Rates
Rates from YVR Curbside
No.ZoneRateSedanSUV/1_6 PAX LIMO8-PAX
Rates do not include tax or gratuity
Richmond Zones
100Sea IslandPublic Rate$39.00$59.00$106.00
101North RichmondPublic Rate$39.00$59.00$106.00
102Central RichmondPublic Rate$46.00$66.00$106.00
103South Richmond / StevestonPublic Rate$53.00$72.00$106.00
104North East RichmondPublic Rate$53.00$72.00$106.00
105South East RichmondPublic Rate$52.00$72.00$106.00
106Far East RichmondPublic Rate$66.00$79.00$106.00
107Mitchell IslandPublic Rate$53.00$72.00$106.00
Vancouver Zones
200Downtown / KitsPublic Rate$53.00$61.00$93.00
201Canada PlacePublic Rate$64.00$77.00$103.00
202Ballantyne PierPublic Rate$67.00$80.00$114.00
203Stanley ParkPublic Rate$64.00$77.00$103.00
204UBCPublic Rate$53.00$66.00$105.00
205Central VancouverPublic Rate$46.00$59.00$92.00
206South VancouverPublic Rate$39.00$53.00$79.00
207South East VancouverPublic Rate$53.00$66.00$105.00
208North East VancouverPublic Rate$59.00$72.00$113.00
North Shore Zones
300North Van / West VanPublic Rate$92.00$105.00$140.00
301Lynn ValleyPublic Rate$92.00$105.00$140.00
302Mount Seymour ParkwayPublic Rate$92.00$105.00$140.00
303Deep CovePublic Rate$105.00$126.00$160.00
304Central West VancouverPublic Rate$92.00$105.00$140.00
305Cypress Bowl MountainPublic Rate$100.00$131.00$166.00
306Caulfield / Horseshoe BayPublic Rate$100.00$131.00$166.00
307Upper North Van / West VanPublic Rate$92.00$105.00$140.00
Burnaby / New West Zones
400MetrotownPublic Rate$66.00$79.00$105.00
401North BurnabyPublic Rate$79.00$92.00$119.00
402SFU/Burnaby LakePublic Rate$92.00$105.00$131.00
403South East BurnabyPublic Rate$72.00$87.00$113.00
404New WestminsterPublic Rate$72.00$87.00$113.00
405Queensborough / Annacis islandPublic Rate$79.00$92.00$119.00
Surrey / Delta Zones
500LadnerPublic Rate$59.00$80.00$101.00
501South DeltaPublic Rate$69.00$83.00$105.00
502Tswassen & FerriesPublic Rate$72.00$87.00$119.00
503Tilbury/River RoadPublic Rate$66.00$79.00$105.00
504North DeltaPublic Rate$79.00$92.00$119.00
505Newton / West SurreyPublic Rate$87.00$105.00$140.00
506Walley / GuildfordPublic Rate$92.00$113.00$146.00
507Fraser HeightsPublic Rate$100.00$119.00$145.00
508FleetwoodPublic Rate$105.00$126.00$160.00
509White RockPublic Rate$105.00$126.00$160.00
P. Moody / Coquitlam / Poco
600P. Moody / CoquitlamPublic Rate$100.00$113.00$146.00
601Coq. Centre / Westwood PlateauPublic Rate$119.00$131.00$168.00
602South Port CoquitlamPublic Rate$105.00$126.00$166.00
603North Port CoquitlamPublic Rate$109.00$140.00$180.00
604Ioco / AnmorePublic Rate$119.00$140.00$180.00
605BelcarraPublic Rate$131.00$146.00$193.00
Fraser Valley Zones
700Cloverdale / West LangleyPublic Rate$119.00$131.00$168.00
701Morgan CreekPublic Rate$119.00$131.00$168.00
702Langley / Walnut GrovePublic Rate$126.00$140.00$186.00
703South LangleyPublic Rate$131.00$146.00$193.00
704Fort Langley / East LangleyPublic Rate$131.00$146.00$193.00
705South East LangleyPublic Rate$131.00$146.00$193.00
706AldergrovePublic Rate$169.00$189.00$210.00
707AbbottsfordPublic Rate$229.00$259.00$299.00
708ChilliwackPublic Rate$279.00$299.00$349.00
709HopePublic Rate$350.00$399.00$449.00
P. Meadows/M. Ridge/Mission
800Pitt MeadowsPublic Rate$126.00$146.00$186.00
801North Pitt MeadowsPublic Rate$131.00$152.00$193.00
802Maple RidgePublic Rate$126.00$146.00$186.00
803East Maple RidgePublic Rate$141.00$161.00$200.00
804MissionPublic Rate$249.00$279.00$329.00
805AggassizPublic Rate$320.00$349.00$379.00
806Harrison Hot SpringsPublic Rate$340.00$360.00$380.00
Sea to Sky Zones
900Lions BayPublic Rate$119.00$141.00$181.00
901Furry CreekPublic Rate$173.00$208.00$240.00
902Britannia BeachPublic Rate$200.00$234.00$267.00
903SquamishPublic Rate$221.00$253.00$293.00
904WhistlerPublic Rate$350.00$425.00$475.00
905PembertonPublic Rate$450.00$500.00$525.00
950Point RobertsPublic Rate$125.00$145.00$165.00
952BellinghamPublic Rate$267.00$601.00$634.00
954Seattle DowntownPublic Rate$575.00$625.00$675.00
955Seattle AirportPublic Rate$625.00$675.00$725.00