The Perks of a Limo in Vancouver

The Perks of a Limo in Vancouver

Limousine is the last word in luxury transportation. An iconic vehicle, the stretch limo is a truly eye-catching way to travel, from Vancouver to Hollywood and all around the world. This car is a classic way to get from A to B, combining exceptional service with comfort and style.

The Perks of a Limo in Vancouver

If the only time you’ve seen the inside of a limo is by catching glimpse as you walk by, you won’t yet know the unique benefits this type of transport offers. Everyone should experience what it’s like to travel in style with all of the trimmings, so read on for some of the top perks of choosing to ride in a limo for your next trip.

Chauffeur Service

Many people focus on the vehicle when thinking of ordering a limo in Vancouver, and may overlook the excellent personal service provided along with it. Chauffeurs are trained to provide the best experience possible for each of their clients, while tinted privacy windows and intercoms are furnished for use at your discretion.


There are many sizing options when selecting a limo in Vancouver, from a smaller capacity 6-seater, to an SUV limousine which can accommodate up to 14 people. With roomy leather seats, and optional privacy screens, a limo is ideal for transporting small and larger groups, with added comfort and atmosphere.


A wonderful way to relax during air travel is to sip on a cool drink, so why not apply the same idea to getting to your destination by road? If you’d like a cool beverage,ice and glasses are available in all Vancouver limo services, adding a touch of class while you relax.

Stereo system and lights

Music and lights can kick the atmosphere up a notch when celebrating an occasion, such as a wedding or graduation. That’s why fun fibreoptic and strobe lights, as well as fantastic stereo systems are made available for clients’ use in our limousines.

Flexible Pick Up

Last but not least, a limo in Vancouver doesn’t always have to be booked months in advance. With an airport service that collects passengers at the terminal, you can even take a luxury car without advance notice. Even a few hours in advance is often enough time to arrange a call-out, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for a way to make an impression at short notice.