Vancouver Limo – Industries We Cater to at Aerocar

Vancouver Limo – Industries We Cater to at Aerocar

When you have important clients coming into town, you need to be able to rely on a great Vancouver limo company to pick them up. At Aerocar, we pride ourselves on providing our services to a wide variety of industries in the city. Take a look and see if we can help your industry out.


There are some incredible hotels in the city of Vancouver. We have a range of 5-star accommodations located in downtown and other parts of the city. Generally, VIPs pay big bucks to stay at these suites and expect services to match that. We will happily work with hotels in the area to pick up guests from the airport and take them to you. We know that you want their stay in the city to be as awesome as possible and when you hire a Vancouver limo, this can start as soon as they land in the city.


When you have an important client in town, you want to make sure that everything is perfect, as it could make or break your business. Why not hire a Vancouver limo to take them around? They will appreciate being able to arrive at meetings in style and the space inside of a Vancouver limo gives them room to work if they need to,and also means that they don’t have to focus on driving around a new city.

Film Industry

Vancouver has a bustling film industry. Because of this there are many big stars in town at any given time. These actors expect top class service as well as privacy and a Vancouver limo can offer them that. From a meet and greet at the airport to taking them to set, a Vancouver limo will make the star of your show feel appreciated and also give them the space they need to relax while preparing to work, or after a long day in front of the camera.


Vancouver is a city with a lot of things going on. It seems like there are parties, openings, festivals, or conferences almost every day. Getting to these events requires skill and coordination and a Vancouver limo service can offer that. Guests will be able to arrive in an amazing vehicle and if you choose one of our larger cars, you can have big groups arriving together and allow them to have some fun along the way.


Vancouver is the perfect location for a wedding. We have amazing scenery that will contribute to some awesome photos, as well as some pretty special venues. Hiring a limo service for a wedding is a must, whether it is for the bride, or family and friends. It makes the day that little bit more special and means that you don’t need to worry about driving to the wedding yourself, so you can toast to the happy couple without worry.

These are just a few of the industries that we serve, but are not limited to. We will be happy to arrange a Vancouver limo for you, whatever industry you work in.