What to Consider Before Hiring a Limo in Vancouver

What to Consider Before Hiring a Limo in Vancouver

Vancouver is a very stylish city that is home to a very stylish population. The modern downtown core is full of mirror-like skyscrapers set against a stunning backdrop of mountains, beaches, and one of the greatest urban green spaces in the world, Stanley Park. That means that if you want to fit in while traveling around the city or going to an important event in the region, you need to do so in a very stylish vehicle.

Everybody knows that one of the most eye-catching vehicles on the market is a limo. A limo promotes a certain impression that the passengers inside are important, stylish and want to get around in a luxurious manner. You will frequently see limos in Vancouver transporting VIPs to and from the airport as well as to meetings, parties, and special occasions.

If you would like to get a limo in Vancouver, Aerocar Service is here to help. We are the city’s number one limo in Vancouver service that provides top of the range vehicles and incredible customer service.

To assist you with your task of hiring a limo in Vancouver, we have provided you with some things you should consider before making your reservation so that you can have the most enjoyable trip possible.

How many passengers will there be?

The number of passengers that you have will naturally help determine what type of limo in Vancouver you choose from our fleet. We have beautiful Lincoln L Series town cars that are ideal for one, two or even three passengers. These cars are perfect for picking up an important client from the airport as they are discreet yet exceptionally luxurious.

We also have the classic stretch limo. This is the typically the type of vehicle you see rocking up to an important event and allows up to eight passengers to get into a party mood on the way, thanks to the lighting system, stereo, ice buckets, and glasses.

For an even larger party in your limo in Vancouver, consider one of our SUV Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limousines which can carry up to 14 passengers. This sturdy but stylish vehicle is the ideal way to arrive at any event and won’t look out of place transporting a group to a luxury resort like Whistler.

What are the rates?

You should always inquire about the cost of something before you reserve it. Luckily with Aerocar Service’s limos in Vancouver, you will find exceptional value for money. Our rates start as low as $39 which is pretty incredible when you think about the cost of a cab in this city. Not only will you or your guest be picked up in an amazing looking vehicle, but a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly driver will be operating it, posing even more value for the money when you hire a limo from us. For more information on what vehicles from our fleet cost to hire for limo in Vancouver service, see our website.