Why a Vancouver Limo is for Everyone

Why a Vancouver Limo is for Everyone

It is a common misconception that only extremely wealthy customers can get a Vancouver limo. The Vancouver limo is definitely a luxury vehicle that is worth a lot of money, but hiring one doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. At Aerocar, we believe that all of our customers are VIPs and that everyone should have the opportunity to experience and enjoy a Vancouver limo.

Great Value

When you break down the costs of a Vancouver limo, it is hard to deny that it is very good value for the money. There is often a flat rate option for things like airport pick ups and drop offs. Flat rates can also be negotiated to certain destinations, or you can avail of an affordable hourly rate. When compared to cab and gas prices in the city, you’ll find these prices are very reasonable, considering the entire service that is included with it.


Another reason everyone should consider a Vancouver limo is the fact that they are very spacious. It is hard not to be comfortable in a luxury Sedan or SUV. Depending on how many passengers, you will also be able to fit luggage as well, or could upgrade to an even larger vehicle. Being able to relax and stretch out in comfort is much better than having to get on cramped transit.

Order in Advance

Being able to reserve a Vancouver limo in advance makes it superior to other options. This is especially useful when you or a guest needs to be picked up from the airport. You cannot reserve a cab in this situation and while there could be one there, it is better not to take any chances and have a Vancouver limo booked instead. You can also have the option for a meet and greet so you or your guest can be assisted to the vehicle as soon as you reach arrivals, instead of the driver waiting for curbside.

No Need to Drive

Nobody likes having to drive, particularly if you are going to event, have just had a long flight, or are in town to enjoy yourself. Driving can be quite a chore, especially when you are new in a city. When you get a Vancouver limo, you will already have a professional driver waiting for you behind the wheel. You can do some work, get ready or simply relax and enjoy the ride.

Why Not Treat Yourself or a Loved One?

Now that you can see that Vancouver limo really is for everyone, why don’t you treat yourself or a loved one? Whether you have a special event coming up, have a guest coming into town, or want to make a good impression on a date, we will always have a Vancouver limo available to you at Aerocar.

Book a Vancouver limo with us and you will be in for something special. Riding around in this type of luxury vehicle is a lot of fun and surprisingly good value for the money. Don’t delay and reserve your ride today to make sure you and your loved ones have the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience.