Why Vancouver limousines are the best way to travel

Why Vancouver limousines are the best way to travel

Vancouver limousines are the best option for luxury transportation across our city. With no car-sharing services in the Lower Mainland, just regular taxi cab services, there are limited options for luxury transportation.

Whether you need luxury transportation because of the number of passengers in your group, the important event you are attending, or reliable pick up from the airport, there are several options to choose from.

Knowing how many passengers you are travelling with is the first step. Have a good idea of how many bags and pieces of luggage your group will be travelling with, particularly if you are looking to book airport transportation. Check out what vehicle is best for your group by reviewing the fleet available.

Whether you are one or two passengers looking for a luxury sedan, or someone looking to move 10 to 14 people around the city, there is an option for you.

  • Sedans and luxury sedans – best for 1-3 people with 2 medium bags and 3 large bags
  • SUVs – best for 1-6 people with 4 medium bags and 4 large bags
  • SUV Limousines – best for 1-12 people with 4 medium bags and 4 large bags
  • Limousines – the classic fits 6-8 passengers with 4 medium bags and 4 large bags
  • Passenger Van – the largest vehicle option fits 10-14 people with 5 medium bags and 5 large bags

Vancouver limousines are the classic option for medium sized groups and events. Limousines are an excellent way to fit your group into one vehicle, rather than call several taxi cabs. As well, they suit the occasion for events such as weddings, prom, or galas. Even a birthday party with a larger group of people can be made all the more special and easy for everyone when you book a limousine to get from dinner to drinks.

The other most popular option is to book a limousine or other luxury car for transportation to travel hubs in Vancouver, such as the airport, ferry terminals, or train station. Some travelers even book Vancouver limousines for spacious and relaxing trips to Whistler from Vancouver.

One of the benefits to booking a luxury limousine is the reliability and safety of the driver. Make sure to book with a company that is experienced in driving larger vehicles around town in any weather conditions. As well, limousines are a safe option if the passengers plan on having a cocktail or two. Choose to travel in style, with safety as a priority.